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The Power of Revolutionary Play – Lois Holzman, TEDxNavesink, May 10, 2014
  • These are important issues raised in Lois’ talk – issues about play being a collective, dialectical, and dialogic activity improvised in human interaction…


  • I watched your TEDxNavesink presentation. Brilliant and thought-provoking!


  • Great TEDx, Lois!  Really nice.


  • What I think revolutionary play is—taking what there is and making something new, doing what we do not know how to do, relating as who we are/other than who we are at the same time — is a cultural-historical activity that creates development.  I appreciated that relating what there is and making something new emergies at the same time. We’re relating who we are and other-than-who-we-are at the same time. This simultaneous play-as-revolutionary is not first this and then that, as if between two unique essences, but rather this through that – emerging simultaneously within playful activity. Lois…playing with these notions, I found myself stimulated by your commentary…Thanks for a fascinating revolutionary playful formation.


  • I love, love it and am going to use it in my classes!  Great work!


  • YES, YES, YES! SO GOOOD! Professional.  Profound.  Powerful.


  • Loved your TEDx talk, Lois!  I’ll be watching it tomorrow with my Community Play team. It will be the launching point for a series of professional development workshops I’m leading at UNC-G called Working at Play and Playing at Work.  All power to the play revolutionaries! All power to the people becoming!


  • Terrific talk! I’ve shared it with my department.